Mayra Ferra is an independent documentary photographer and educator with an academic background in Cultural Anthropology as well as Human Development and Family Studies from Arizona State University. Through her extensive travels to over fifty countries, she forms human connections through cultural experiences and seamlessly gains the trust of her subjects. Her global, long-term love series, which began in 2014, focuses on couples sharing their love stories with the rest of the world. As a Mexican-American, Mayra is also interested in documenting social issues between Mexico and the United States as well as the quotidian lives of Latinos. She was born in California, raised in Arizona, and currently based in New York and Alberta.
Currently in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Upcoming travel: Europe

2013 El Mundo, Birch, New York, New York

2022 Documenting Humanity, Wohls Gård, Kirkkonummi, Finland
2020 SPG National Competition, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, New York
2020 Documenting Humanity, La Tozi, Chiapas, México
2019 Documenting Humanity, Mordad Gallery, Bandar Abbas, Iran
2019 Documenting Humanity, Diba Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2019 Documenting Humanity, Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran, Iran
2019 Documenting Humanity, El Barrio's Artspace PS109, New York, New York

2018 Joy,
2017 Stories of Love,